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‘Upala’ a Sanskrit word which means ‘most valuable stone’. It is believed that the opal gemstone has got its name from this same word. This gem is associated with wealth, beauty and charm. It is known for providing various benefits to the wearer. These can be worn in the form for jewellery such as Opal rings. You can get Opal rings in India from DWS Jewellery. This gem is also known for providing benefits to those who are involved in travel, tourism and import/export business.

This stone is also believed that opal is also found on mars. There are many amazing and interesting facts associated with opal. The opal gemstone has a rich history.

This stone also has a unique property. When it is exposed in light at particular angles, it reflects colour of visible spectrum. But there is science behind it. As diffraction of light takes place the surface of opal it reflects colour during exposure in light at particular angles.

The opals are majorly mined in Australia. This gem is also the national gemstone of Australia. The most famous opal of Australia is Andamooka. Once it was shown to Queen Elizabeth II and she was mesmerized by its beauty.

This stone is also believed that when it is worn with a ring it brings laurels to the wearer and helps him/her to achieve a respectable position in the society. There are many Opal jewellery manufacturer in India. There is a famous opal jewellery factory in Jaipur known as DWS Jewellery. It has various interesting fact which never fails to amaze you. Some of its amazing facts I am mentioning below.
  • Birthstone for October: It is the birthstone for October born people. This gem is an emblem of hop and piousness. As opal keeps the wearer away from problems, it is considered to be a stone which is protective. If you are in search of a gift for October born person, this can be the best gift for him/her.
  • Formed by Rain: There are various beliefs related with the formation of opal gemstone. One of the beliefs related to its formation is that this precious gemstone is formed from rain. It is said that when rain water but many believe it is formed when water from rain reaches into rock’s crater. As the water vaporizes, the residual silica dries out and transforms into beautiful opal gemstone.
  • Opal on Mars: This gem is one of those special gemstones which are found outside the earth. It is found on Mars.
  • Ancient Opal: Opallios is a Greek word which means ‘to see a change of colour’. It is believed that the name ‘opal’ word is derived from this Greek word. Another belief is that the word ‘opal’ is derived from a Roman word ‘Opalus’ which means valuable gemstone. many ancient beliefs are associated with the opal gemstones. Such as the Greeks has this belief that when Zeus conquered the Titans, he wept out of joy. His tears of joy formed opal. Thus, prophetic powers are associated with opal.
  • The Queen of Gemstones: In ancient Rome, opal gemstone was regarded as an emblem of hope and good luck. The ancient Romans considered it a symbol of hope and good fortune. Hence, it is commonly known as ‘Queen of Gemstones’.
  • Opal in Australia: Approximately 95% of the total amount of opal found in the world is mined in Australia. The mines of Australia majorly produce white Opal. This white Opal is mined from South Australia’s Coober Pedy fields.
  • Significance of opal in Native Australian History: This gem is regarded as the footprint of our creator (God) in the native Australian history.
  • Opals bring fortune or not?
    This stone is considered to be a Lucky gemstone which bring laurels to the wearer. In many civilizations and culture, This gem is regarded as a gemstone which brings fortune. As exceptions always exist. There are some exceptions of these beliefs regarding opal gemstone. in 1800’s, an English author and some other gemstone dealers considered it as a negative gemstone.
  • Opal in Royal families: It is believed that Opal is favourite gemstone of Queen Victoria. She had various gemstone such as Sapphires and Diamonds etc. in her collection but the amazing colours of Opal gemstone stole her heart.
  • Colours of Opal: The different colours seen on the surface of the Opal gemstone are because of the diffraction of light on its surface.

Thus, we have seen the key details allied to the opal gemstone. If you also want to have this gemstone, you can contact DWS Jewellery, based in Jaipur.


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