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Opal gemstone belongs to the family of silicate mineral. It is well-known for showing different colours. This property of this gem is called ‘Fire Effect’. This is considered as the best alternative of Diamond. This gemstone brings laurels to the wearer and provides luxury, healthy relationships and a reputed position in the society.

Who can wear Opal-gemstone?

The word Opal is derived from Sanskrit word ‘Opala’ and it is associated with one of the planets of solar system called ‘Venus’ or ‘Shukra’. If a person has weak Venus in his birth-chart or kundali, so he/she can put on this gem as it is associated with Venus.

According to Indian Vedic astrologers Opal-gemstone best suits the person who has born under Libra zodiac sign or Taurus zodiac sign. In western astrology Opal-gemstone is considered best for those who have taken birth under Libra zodiac sign. To get these types of authentic jewellery, you can contact DWS Jewellery, based in Jaipur, India.

Benefits of Opal-Gem

  • A happy and healthy marital life
    The Vedas state that if an individual has weak Venus in his/her birth chart the person has a troubled married life. These small disputes may turn into dissociation. So, it is suggested to those individuals to wear Opal-gem. The opal enhances the mutual understanding of the couple, promotes harmony and love and helps in resolving conflicts.
  • Financial stability and renowned position in society
    Opal is associated with Venus and Venus is associated with wealth and luxury. Thus, astrologers recommend wearing this gemstone to enhance your financial status. It also helps you to achieve name and fame. This is considered as a stone which maintains your social status and helps you to lead a luxurious life.
  • Artistic expression and inspiration
    If you are an artist and feeling lack of creativity or feeling absence of inspiration then you should wear this gem. As opal is associated with Venus and Venus represents creativity. It helps you to get creative vibes/energies from Venus and enhances your productivity.
  • Cures Endocrine, liver and Urinary related issues
    According to medical astrology, metaphysical properties of this gemstone are considered to heal endocrine, liver and urinary disorders. It is regarded as a healing gemstone. Fire-opal and Black-opal also heals sleeping problems and many psychological disorders.

Factors to determine the quality of Opal gemstone

There are a number of factors which determine the quality of Opal-Gemstone. These factors are; clarity and transparency level, origin, brightness of fire, fire patterns, shape and colour.

  • Clarity and transparency level
    The clarity of this gem is defined by inclusions. If healed fractures, potch strand/dead spots, sand particles and dendrites etc. are seen through naked eyes then it degrades the value of this gemstone. Different opals have different transparency levels. Boulder-Opal, Black-Opal and White-Opal are desirable when they have opaque surfaces. While Crystal opals are desirable when have transparency.
  • Origin
    Mines of this gem are found in Hungary, USA, Ethiopia, Australia, Mexico, Sudan and Brazil. Australian Opal is famous for its bright hue. Mexican Opals are available in reddish orange hue and are also translucent to transparent.
  • Brightness of Fire
    The Opals which have brighter fire effect are expensive and considered more effective according to astrologers. While dull Opals have low market price and they are less effective.
  • Fire patterns
    The combination of bright, inclusive and flashes full of colours defines the value of Opal. If this gem has such combination then it will have a high market price, as it is rare. Opals, which contain pin-fire patterns is inexpensive.
  • Shape
    The gem quality Opals are well-polished and have a perfect dome. An opal with perfect Dome shows amazing fire from particular angles. Without a perfect dome this gemstone is at risk of damage when embedded in jewellery such as Opal pendants.
  • Colour
    The colour of the Opals also determines its market value. As White Opal with fire effect is most desirable and expensive. Opals which have darker body tones such as blue, black etc. are also highly in demand and have a high market value because they show perfect fire of colours on a dark background. Orange and pink colour Opals are also available in market. These Opals are also available in India. You can approach an opal jewellery manufacturer like DWS Jewellery, based in India. They have an Opal jewellery factory in Jaipur.


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