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Andamooka Opal is one of the prominent and desired Opals. It has gained popularity across the world and got a place in Queen’s jewellery collection as well. You can also get Opals embedded in jewellery such as Opal necklaces, in India. There are many jewellery manufacturers and a renowned one is DWS Jewellery, based in Jaipur. DWS Jewellery has a jewellery factory in Jaipur. It was found during 1930s in the fields of South Australia’s town “Andamooka”. Hence, it is known as Andamooka Opal. The prominent part of Early Cretaceous period’s Marree sub-group named ‘Bulldog Shale’ still grows these Opals.

Designer gold on silver bars necklace with pink and ethiopian opal

Facts about this gem

  • The Andamooka field of this gem mining has found its name in the list of Australia’s oldest mining fields.
  • As, ‘play-of-color’ is the speciality of this gemstone hence sugar can be used to treat this gem in order to enhance its ‘play-of-colour’ and make it dark.
  • The Queen had this gemstone in her jewellery collection.

History of Andamooka Opal

Another name of this gem is ‘Queen’s Opal. It was polished and set into a choker band for the Queen. In 1954 when Queen visited Australia, which was her first official state trip the gem was presented to Queen Elizabeth II as a gift. Opal necklaces and earrings are still a prominent part of Queen’s exceptional crown gems.

The first time this gem was found in the field of Andamooka during the year 1930. The field which is situated in “Andamooka” of South Australia is regarded as a significant Opal field. Till date, this field has produced a number of appealing, beautiful Opals. The most significant gem which it has produced referred as ‘Queen’s gem’ which is a ‘Matrix gem’.

Treatment of Andamooka Opal

The speciality of this gem’s mine is that it produces light Opals which include Crystal Opals, White Opals which are also sometimes called ‘Milk-Opal’. The Matrix Opals which are discovered from Andamooka opal fields are Porous Opal. The gemstone mines also produce a type of Boulder gemstone.

To enhance the colour of this gemstone, it is treated on a regular basis by generating a black body with the use of black carbon. The process of treating this gem incorporates a chemical process which is applied to the whole opal. When this gem is mined, in its raw form it is not so appealing. So, it is treated by using carbon dye method so that it would look more beautiful and catch attention of the customers.

After this process of chemical treatment this gemstone is often referred as Andamooka Matrix gem.

Andamooka Price

It is important to understand that Andamooka Matrix gemstone is quite different from the original Black Opal. While buying an Andamooka Matrix Opal keeps this fact in Mind. It has a fair cost. The price of the Opals is determined by various factors such as origin, colour, Brightness of fire, fire effects, colour, shape, clarity and the transparency level.

How to take care of Australian Opals?

There are various myths and misconceptions about cleaning and caring of Australian Opals. The common myth about is, oils can deface the appearance of this gem. But it is not the truth. A solid Australian Opal cannot be penetrated by anything. But yes, this myth is true about Australian Matrix Opal. As it is a gemstone which is treated and it is porous.

One more misconception about this gem is that it should be soaked in water and this practice improves it as a gemstone. But it is not so. If you want you can soak it in water it will not cause any harm to the gem.

While embedding Opals in jewellery special care should be taken such as a thin opal should be embedded in a pendant not in a ring. Do not expose opals in harsh sunlight. Use soft brush and mild brush to clean it. These simple things can increase the durability of your gem.

If you are also in search of some amazing opal jewellery such as Opal necklaces or rings you can easily get this jewellery in India. You can approach a jewellery manufacturer like DWS Jewellery of Jaipur. They also have a jewellery factory in Jaipur. Wearing this jewellery can bring laurels to you.


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