Opal bracelets jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur

Opal is a precious and beautiful gemstone. These days these gemstones are majorly used in jewellery. You can find a huge variety of this jewellery in the market. In that jewellery various type of opals are used. As there is a huge variety of this gemstone you can find unique and attractive jewellery in the market such as opal bracelets. DWS Jewellery is a renowned jewellery manufacturer in India. They have a jewellery factory in Jaipur. The opal jewellery not only gives you an attractive look but also provides you many benefits. You can carry this jewellery in college, in a party and there are many more options. This is the beauty of this type of jewellery. It suits with every outfit and gives you an elegant look. This quality of this gemstone makes it highly in demand. The following opals are found in the market:

Australian Opals

The Andamooka has eye-catching colours. It is a small field where this gem is mined. It is well known for its matrix sandstones.

Australian Fire
This Australian Fire gem shows resemblance with Mexican Fire. This can be obtained in variant of orange and red colour. The field where this gem is mined is located in Western Australia’s deserts.

Black Opal
Black Opal is the most famous one among all the types of opals. This one is highly in demand across the world. This Black gem has dark colours. This is called black gem not because it is dark or black in colour but it is bright and beautiful in colour. Because of its body tone it is called Black Opal.

These gems are majorly mined in states of Australia such as Lightning Ridge and NSW. The Opals which are mined from these states are popularly known as Black-Opal.

It is dark-opal but not dark like black-opal. Black-opal is brighter than dark opal. There is a difference in black-opal and dark opal.

White Fire-Opal
White Fire-Opal is of milky white body tone. This type of gem is mined from Coober Pedy in Australia. This type of gem is the most basic and available in the markets easily.

This type of gemstone is obtained from the fields of Queensland. These areas are spread in kilometres. Another rock named ironstone is also formed along with this gem. The amazing red ironstone which is produced along Boulder-Opal is also eye-catching.

Within the region of Boulder-Opal there are several types of opals which are worth-mentioning:

Yowah Nuts: These are only mined in Yowah, Queensland.

Koroit-Opal: This opal has a stunning and eye-catching appearance. The reason behind its attractive appearance is that the gem is filled in the gap of ironstone. This gemstone also resembles Matrix-Opal.

Matrix: Along with this gem and other gemstones This is a matrix of the ironstone.

It is not a natural gemstone. This is treated as it is a cooked sandstone-Opal.

This type of Opal is found in an open field in NSW, Australia. This type of Opals has dark hues and can create amazing doublets.

These opals are mined in fields of South Australia. This mine produces milky white and sometimes black opals. 

These are some of the varieties of gemstones. Opals are widely used in jewellery. It has many benefits. Opals are highly in demand because of their stunning appearance and the benefits which they provide to the wearer. Opal jewellery can add a charm to your normal look. You can carry it on a simple dress and it will give you a party look. Different types of Opal jewelleries are also available in India. Such as you can carry a simple Opal bracelet on your college look and it will definitely enhance your look. You can easily get Opal bracelets. In India, there are many Opal jewellery manufacturer and one renowned among them is DWS Jewellers. DWS has an jewellery factory in Jaipur. There you can get a variety of Opal gemstone jewellery. There are some more types of this gem which are not mentioned here but you can find these Opal jewelleries in the market.


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