Wholesale Opal bangles jewellery manufacturer in Jaipur

Opal is regarded as a precious gemstone. This gemstone is not only a precious and beautiful gemstone but it shows miraculous effects on the wearer’s life if the wearer is facing any problem or going through a bad condition. This gemstone is linked with Libra zodiac sign and provides benefits to the libras. The opal gemstone is really beautiful and precious and its name has the same meaning. Opal is totally worth as it possesses various metaphysical and heavenly properties. But these days, it is hard to find original things, so with the opal gemstone. It is an arduous task to find an original opal because there are many synthetic opal gemstones are available in market. As there are many money-minded people in the market you should buy opal from a renowned opal jewellery manufacturer. You can get original opal gemstone/jewellery such as opal bangles, from DWS Jewellery in Jaipur. This is one of the best jewellery factory in Jaipur.

This stone is an eye-catching gemstone. It is gaining popularity due to its fire effect.  It can show colour of visible spectrum when exposed in light at particular angles. This is because of the ‘Diffraction of light’ phenomenon. It is also regarded as the birthstone for October born people. It is also considered as powerful astrological stone for the planet Venus (Shukra) when accompanied with diamond.

Opal is Birthstone of which month?

According to western astrology Opal is the birthstone of October born people. Astrologers highly recommend Opal gemstone to those who are born in the month of October. As opal is the astrological stone linked with the planet Venus and Venus signifies human emotions, relationships, fertility etc. So, the opal is worn to resolve relationship problems and to get benefits like sexual closeness, affection, Re-productivity etc.

This gemstone is also holds significance in Indian Vedic astrology. According to Indian Vedic Astrology as well, This stone is associated with the one of the planets of solar system named Venus. As the planet Venus represents wealth and prosperity in the same way the Opal gemstone brings laurels to the wearer. It brings everything to the wearer such as luxury, affection, a happy sexual life, relationship and what not.

This stone is suggested that Taureans and Libras should put on Opal gemstone as both the zodiac sign are related to the planet Venus and the opal itself related to Venus. Astrologers highly recommend Opal to the persons who have Mahadasha or Antardasha. These dashas are related to Venus. This stone turn out to be the most advantageous gemstone for those who have infertility, sexual problems etc.

Benefits of the opal gemstone

  • It brings warmth to your marital relationship. It also strengthens your love life and adds passion to your love life. It is considered that it can resolve your marital problems and stabilizes your married life and makes you a social person.
  • It is said that Opal helps to maintain hormonal secretions balance and also provide advantages to your Endocrine system.
  • It is also believed that the functioning of Urinary system can be enhanced by this gemstone. It majorly benefits the kidney.
  • It is believed that Opal gemstone provide benefits to those who are associated with the business of jewellery, cars, clothes etc.
  • It provides numerous benefits to those who are involved in art related fields such as theatre, music, painting etc.
  • It improves the mutual understanding of couple and help them to respect each other’s perception. 
  • If a person has troubled married life and not happy with his/her spouse, can give a chance to Opal gemstone. It is believed that Opal gemstones help in resolving problems between couples and bless them with a happy married life. 
  • This stone wearer gets affection, good luck and joy throughout the life. 
  • If you are seeing nightmares then it is suggested to put on this gemstone because it gives you a nightmare free sleep. 
  • It makes the wearer socially active and enhances his/her social relations. 
  • It provides you an enchanting persona.
  • This gemstone helps the wearer to lead a luxurious life and also turn out to be very advantageous for those who are involved in the business of tourism/travel and imports/exports. 

If you find it beneficial for you so you can also wear this gemstone in the form of jewellery such as Opal bangles. DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd is an opal jewellery factory in Jaipur and they are one of the famous opal jewellery manufacturers in India.


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