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Opal is birth stone for the October born. It is also considered beneficial for the person who has taken birth under Libra and Taurus sunsign. It is also believed and Opal gemstone is linked with Venus. Hence, takes the energies from Venus and provide to the wearer. Kindles the creativity of wearer and provide spiritual benefits as well. This gem enhances personality of the wearer as it has various physical, mental and emotional healing properties. This is just a small introduction of the precious Opal gemstone. It is also associated with some Chakras and able to cure a person as it also possesses some chakra healing properties. Having an Opal with you in any form such as Opal jewellery like, Opal earrings etc. can benefit you in many ways. To get Opal jewellery you can contact an Opal jewellery manufacturer like DWS Jewellery, based in Jaipur. You can find this gemstone of your choice in this Opal jewellery factory in Jaipur.

22K Yellow Gold Plated And Oxidized Sterling Silver Rough Opal Dangle Earrings

Chakra healing properties of Opal

When your earth star chakra gets disturbed then you lose your connection with earth and your loved ones. You also feel disconnected from heavenly energies or suffer from anxiety. Opal gemstone helps you to get those heavenly energies and relief from anxiety.

If your base chakra is not properly balanced then you may be bellicose and violent to others. The symptoms of Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder can be relieved by this gem.

It can be used to release you from your fear or any type of phobia. It also enlightens you by making you aware about your talents. If we talk about the medical benefits of Opal gemstone, so, it regulates the reproductive and circulatory system and enhances the functioning of pelvis and lower limbs.

If your solar plexus chakra is not balanced or disturbed you may feel lack of acknowledgement for your achievements or you find it difficult to learn something new. You may also feel lack of empathy.Thus, a change is needed.

When Opal gemstone is used on solar plexus chakra it improves your psychic capabilities and brings empathy to your life. It enhances your instincts and provides you premonition abilities. It helps you to find the true and root cause of your disease. It will help in curing diseases related to gallbladder, stomach, liver and digestion.

When your heart chakra is disturbed you may get a sudden outbreak of rage, envy. In simple words, you began to behave like a short-tempered person.

Using Opal gemstone, you will get the ability of linking lower chakras to higher chakras to attain mental equilibrium. It will support empathy for others and for you as well. It also improves your inborn healing capabilities.

It stimulates the whole immune system and enhances its functioning. It regulates the functioning of heart and circulatory system. This gem also helps in tissue revitalization when it is set on heart chakra.

The imbalance of throat chakra may change you as a hyperactive, dominating person or fanatic about your perception. But this gemstone may help you by improving your foresight and instincts. When opal is placed on throat chakra it supports and takes out your creativity and productivity. It helps you to accept the reality and live with it. Opal is the stone which balances and enhances your oral health, throat and esophagus and also regulates your respiratory system.

If the crown chakra is disturbed and imbalanced then you might feel as others are not understanding you and you need sympathy for this.

With this gem you will be able to connect yourself to the heavenly bodies and universe’s divine forces to get energy and positivity. It also helps you to connect yourself to your past and bring the positive effect of your past into your present life. It regulates and enhances the functioning of your skeletal and nervous system.

Your imbalanced and disturbed soul star chakra you may get perplexed about your life decisions and doubt your decisions and your self-worth. You also will not be able to accept the presence of heavenly powers and their significance in your life. It helps you to believe on these divine powers and their significance. You can add opal to your life in the form of jewellery such as Opal earrings. You can get Opal jewellery by approaching an Opal jewellery manufacturer like DWS Jewellery or from the Opal jewellery factory in Jaipur.


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